Regency Road to Pym Street Project major milestone


24 February 2021

The Regency Road to Pym Street (R2P) Project, jointly funded by the Australian and South Australian governments, is creating 210 jobs per year during construction.

The R2P Alliance is made up of the South Australian Government, and McConnell Dowell Constructors (Aust) Pty Ltd, Mott MacDonald Australia Pty Ltd and Arup Group Pty Ltd.

From mid-September 2019, girder segments were delivered to the Polonia Reserve compound, enabling ‘off-site’ assembly of the northbound and southbound centre spans. The girders were fabricated locally at Bowhill Engineering.

Once assembled, the two centre spans each measured 84 metres in length each and weighed 2600 tonnes in total.

On and off ramps and structures that support the spans, are being constructed at the South Road and Regency Road intersection.

During 4 – 11 January 2021, the centre spans were transported from the Polonia Reserve compound to their final location, over Regency Road, using Self Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs). The major works required a partial closure of the South Road and Regency Road intersection for one week.


The centre spans travelled along the southbound carriageway of South Road and were lowered onto newly constructed concrete piers.

After the centre spans were installed, the eight back spans and 36 transfloor slabs were craned into place.

While all the attention was on the centre spans and back spans, a number of other milestones were achieved during the week including installation of:

These major works finished ahead of schedule, enabling the R2P Project to reopen the roads eight hours earlier than planned.

With these works complete, works will continue for several months at the intersection to complete the overpass. Final works prior to the opening of the overpass in mid-2021, include laying the final layer of asphalt, installation of concrete barriers to separate northbound and southbound traffic and line marking.

The Regency Road to Pym Street Project involves the construction of a new 1.8km section of non-stop motorway along South Road, connecting to the South Road Superway to the north and Torrens Road to River Torrens Project to the south.

The Regency Road to Pym Street Project will deliver travel time savings of up to eight minutes during peak periods and 4.5 minutes on average for around 53,000 motorists daily on this section of South Road. 

The Regency Road overpass provides three lanes in each direction and two lanes in each direction (at-grade) on the surface roads underneath, for access to the surrounding community and local businesses.




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