SA delivers major infrastructure funding lift and backs in EV road user charging

17 November 2020

Infrastructure Partnerships Australia Chief Executive, Adrian Dwyer has today welcomed the South Australian Government’s strong infrastructure Budget and its decisive step to pave the way towards a sustainable approach to funding Australian roads.

“Treasurer Rob Lucas has moved decisively in this Budget to support the state’s recovery from COVID-19 through a major lift in infrastructure funding,” said Mr Dwyer.

“The South Australian Government has lifted total infrastructure funding to $13.5 billion over the forward estimates, an increase of around $3.7 billion from the four-year spend set out in last year’s Budget.

“This Budget delivers a smart blend of small-scale infrastructure stimulus in the immediate term to support jobs alongside major investments like the North-South Corridor, which are set to bolster South Australia’s productivity over the longer-term.

 Infrastructure Partnerships Australia Chief Executive, Adrian Dwyer also congratulated the Marshall Government for its decision to reform the way the state funds its road network.

 “The Marshall Government’s decision to include a road user charge on Electric Vehicles (EVs) is a foundational move towards fairer and better funded roads,” Mr Dwyer said.

“The Victorian and NSW Governments brought the issue of EV road user charging into frontline debate after Infrastructure Partnerships Australia released its landmark report on the issue in November last year.

“The Marshall Government should be congratulated for working alongside jurisdictions like NSW and Victoria to take action on this generational reform opportunity.

“Applying a simple distance-based charge to electric vehicles in South Australia will ensure every motorist makes a fair and sustainable contribution – meaning everyone pays once, and no one pays twice.

“A small cadre of blinkered enthusiasts will argue against a fair approach, but this move shows sensible reform is possible when smart governments act early and decisively.

“The South Australian Government’s bold move provides a clear pathway for broader state-led reform of our road funding system to now be actively pursued in all jurisdictions,” Mr Dwyer said.

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