New report reveals key decisions organisations must make to harness digital innovation

30 October 2020

A new report from international engineering, design and advisory company Aurecon shares insights into the digital decisions that people operating at strategic and operational levels should be making to deal with disruption caused by COVID-19 and capitalise on opportunities to thrive into the future.

The third wave of Aurecon’s Our Digital Futures research named Your Digital  Decisions revealed that it is critical for organisations to establish robust digital decision making frameworks and tools to adapt to disruption, yet, most organisations lacked well-designed approaches to digital strategy and decision making.

Your Digital Decisions explores the importance of digital decisions across entire organisations, focusing on how sophisticated use of data and consideration of physical assets can be used to achieve value.

Aurecon Chief Digital Officer Dr. Andrew Maher said the report highlighted the need for organisations to develop a cohesive digital strategy across their entire operation to connect people, processes, data and information, technology and physical assets.

“The impacts of COVID-19 have accelerated digital transformation at a pace we could never have predicted with the pandemic highlighting weaknesses in digital approaches and accentuating the push towards a more digitised economy. Organisations have needed to adapt much faster in adopting new ways of working as a result,” Dr. Maher said.

“No matter what industry you work in, the scale or size of your organisation, or your role, you will be facing complex decisions around how you operate. For example, as many organisations look to maximise their current asset base instead of developing new infrastructure, digitising existing assets and using digital tools to manage asset data is becoming a business imperative. Yet across industries there is uncertainty about how to gain a clear view of assets and use that information in a meaningful way to achieve business value.”

The impact of digitisation on various key industry sectors including energy, water, aviation, transport, resources, health, property, education, telecommunications, defence and national security is reviewed in the report.

“We have deliberately set out to create a blueprint for people of any level in any organisation. We share questions they should be asking, the information they should be gathering to make informed decisions, and next steps to leverage the opportunities of digital technologies and data in achieving better organisational outcomes and true value,” Dr. Maher said.

'Your Digital Decisions' market research and client insights

Your Digital Decisions is the third instalment of Aurecon’s Our Digital Futures research,

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