Revised steel standards to support industry

03 September 2020

 Over 5 million tonnes of steel is produced in Australia annually, with a large portion of this steel utilised by the fabrication industry to build critical infrastructure across the country [1]. From bridges to buildings, the updated AS 4100:2020, Steel Structures and amended AS/NZS 5131:2016, Fabrication and Erection of Steel Structures aims to provide the steel sector with minimum requirements when dealing with steel structures.  

"These two standards aim to support good practice for the fabrication and erection of structural steelwork projects in Australia," said Daniel Chidgey, Head of Stakeholder Engagement at Standards Australia.  

"In today's global market, where both local and overseas manufacturers supply structural steelwork for Australian projects, having a globally aligned benchmark for quality is more important than ever to support a modern economy for Australia," continued Mr Chidgey.  

The revised and amended standards align with similar international guidance and provide a benchmark for the design and construction of steel structures and the modification of steelwork in structures.

"Steel is used every day across the country and has the benefit of being 95% recyclable. In a time when the distributors, builders and consumers are considering both durability and sustainability, the updates to these standards are important in promoting safety across the board," said Mark Cain, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Steel Institute.

"These are key standards for the steel sector and widely recognised as an integral part of the building and construction industry, Standards Australia looks forward to furthering collaboration with the sector in ensuring our portfolio continues to meet the needs of the industry," concluded Mr Chidgey.  





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Date of Original:  26 August 2020

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