Community feedback sought on Fremantle Traffic Bridge replacement

13 August 2020

The McGowan Government is seeking community feedback on the project to replace the Fremantle Traffic Bridge across the Swan River.

The Swan River Crossings project involves the replacement of the deteriorated Fremantle Traffic Bridge with a new solution that considers future needs for road, rail, walking, cycling and boating.

Infrastructure Australia listed the bridge replacement as a national priority in its 2019 Infrastructure Priority List following earlier submissions from the State Government.

The project is highly complex and is situated in a challenging area. To get the project to its current phase of planning and investigation, the State Government has been consulting with a variety of stakeholders, including the City of Fremantle. The Mayor of Fremantle and the City's executive are represented on the Project Steering Committee.

The project team is now keen to hear from the community during the next planning phase to achieve the best possible outcome for this exciting piece of infrastructure.

As such, the State Government is launching a community survey and several community meetings that will provide key input into design elements for the project, working within a number of technical and environmental constraints.

Community feedback will help inform heritage interpretation, design objectives, urban design and pedestrian and cycling connectivity.

There are several engineering and operational constraints that mean the general alignment of the new structure needs to situated east of the current traffic bridge. Key factors include:

The State Government is committed to retaining a significant part of the existing Fremantle Traffic Bridge on the southern foreshore. Full retention is not possible due to constraints including:

To help inform project planning as it enters its next phase, the Community Survey and information sessions will provide valuable grassroots input. Consultation will then be reviewed, with key outcomes reported back to the community.

In addition to community input on the new Fremantle Traffic Bridge, the final concept will be subject to review by the independent State Design Review Panel. Heritage and architectural leads will also form part of the alliance project team that will develop, design and construct the project.

Details on how to provide feedback can be found at including information on an online community survey and community drop in sessions to be held in August and September.

Comments attributed to Transport Minister Rita Saffioti:

"It has been well known for more than a decade that the Fremantle Traffic Bridge needs replacing so we're excited to reach the stage of community consultation.

"While there are a number of technical and operational constraints, there is an exciting opportunity for locals to have their say on how the bridge will look and how surrounding public areas can be activated.

"The new crossing will create new cycling and walking links between Perth and Fremantle for the first time, along with new public space. We look forward to hearing more from the community."

Comments attributed to Fremantle MLA Simone McGurk:

"Replacing the traffic bridge will put an end to expensive patch ups while offering new opportunities to integrate community ideas into the new design and heritage interpretation.

"A lot of work has gone into getting the project to this stage - securing State funding, building a case for Federal funding, identifying constraints and mapping out technical requirements.

"We recognise the importance of this project to Freo locals, so facilitating informed and meaningful community input on the new structure is essential." 

Comments attributed to Bicton MLA Lisa O'Malley:

"The new bridge is a great opportunity to replace the 80-year-old structure with something that caters for all parts of the community.

"The new bridge will have the same amount of traffic lanes but include far better facilities for cyclists and pedestrians.

"I am keen to hear feedback from the many boaties that also use this part of the river about the opportunities for improvement at water level."




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