Dincel 275 Profile Strength Tested at UTS

19 August 2020

The Dincel 275 profile, which contains a unique cylindrical formwork shell, has undergone strength testing at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS).

UTS has confirmed that 275 Dincel can be designed and installed without the use of steel reinforcement bars, consisting of the following concrete infill:

The testing was completed in accordance with the requirements of AS 3600-2018 (Appendix B) and is certified by UTS as compliant with the National Construction Code 'deemed-to-satisfy' provisions for structural requirements.

In addition, the loading was applied onto Dincel 275 walls containing either early-age concrete (after 24 hours) or later-age concrete (after 28 days). Results demonstrate that Dincel 275 walls can be backfilled 24 hours following concrete infill (with appropriate bracing), which allows for construction of the superstructure to take place earlier.

Industry First Innovation

By omitting steel reinforcement bars, Dincel 275 is able to offer the following benefits:

Download the Dincel 275 Report by UTS Testing,  https://www.dincel.com.au/theme_dincel/static/resources/edm/uts-technical-report-1_dincel-barchip-flextural-test-rev02.pdf




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