A faster, more streamlined and easier to use planning system set to unlock development

24 July 2020

A faster, more streamlined and easier to use planning system is set to unlock better development and support more job creation when it comes into full effect later this year.

The new system will result in a faster and easier planning approval process and will also see a change in the fee structure.

The new fee structure is based on a cost recovery model to ensure assessment fees cover the cost of development activity in the new planning system that was designed and legislated by the former Labor government.

As part of the new cost recovery fee structure being publicly released, there will be modest increases to overall fees to help deliver the new planning system and ensures its continual enhancement.

Key benefits of the new Planning and Design Code and new fee structure, include;

“The new Planning and Design Code will give South Australians a faster, simpler and more streamlined planning system that will encourage better development and help support more jobs,” said Minister for Planning Stephan Knoll.

“In many instances, we will see development approval times slashed by weeks so people can get on with building that new carport, shed, house or even multi storey building at the other end of the spectrum.

“Over the last year some councils have taken between 20 and 70 days to approve a simple complying development.

“Under the new planning system, these deemed-to-satisfy developments would be assessed in five days – a fraction of the time.

“Similarly, with performed assessed developments, some councils are taking over 50 days and under the new system these would be assessed in just 20 business days.

“The former Labor government designed and legislated the new planning system which requires a new fee structure to pay for that system to ensure the planning sector isn’t subsidised by other South Australians taxpayers.   

“The new fee structure means we will be moving to a cost recovery model, so the developer or applicant pays the actual fee, rather than it being cross subsidised by taxpayers.

“Even with these modest increases, we are still able to keep fees for new homes lower than almost all other jurisdictions in the country.

“For instance, a $205,000 home under the new system will incur around $1,190 in fees, a modest increase of around $61.

“However, when we look around the country, similar developments would incur around $3,500 in Victoria, $3,000 in NSW, $1,900 in Tasmania and around $1,800 in WA.

“Aside from still being significantly cheaper, under the new system a complying house should take 10 or less days to be approved whereas now it can take up to 70 days.

“We have also received feedback from industry that we have taken on board around greater compliance up front, which will help mitigate against expensive defect rectifications saving the industry a lot of time and money.

“It also means South Australians can have greater confidence in the building and construction industry.”

For further details about the new fee structure visit www.saplanningportal.sa.gov.au




Source:  South Australian Government - www.premier.sa.gov.au

Date of Original:  15 July 2020

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