Infrastructure investment laying the foundations for Australia's economic recovery

07 October 2020

The Morrison-McCormack Government will continue supporting job-creating, economy-boosting infrastructure, as part of our Economic Recovery Plan for Australia, rebuilding our economy to secure Australia’s future.

The Government’s record $110 billion transport infrastructure program and $3.5 billion rolling water infrastructure fund will support local jobs and businesses at the time it is needed most.

These investments will deliver on our economic plan for a stronger and more resilient Australia, boosting the economy, providing water security for regional and rural Australia, meeting our national freight challenge and getting Australians home sooner and safer.

This includes new and additional funding in the 2020-21 Budget for projects and initiatives, supporting over 30,000 direct and indirect jobs over the life of the projects, to get Australia back to work and back in business following the pandemic.

Funding is being delivered to critical transport infrastructure projects in every state and territory, including:

This additional investment builds on the $500 million we are already delivering for targeted road safety works.

To monitor and evaluate our progress in this area, the Morrison-McCormack Government is also investing $5.5 million to establish a National Road Safety Data Hub. The Data Hub will establish the first nationally available road safety data collection to assess the effectiveness of road safety efforts by all Australian governments as we move towards the nationally agreed target of zero fatalities and serious injuries by 2050.

Local priorities, local jobs and local business

The pandemic has hit Australia everywhere and every region needs support. Local councils understand the immediate needs in their communities. Our community-led recovery plan empowers local governments nation-wide to deliver roads and community infrastructure. This will build shovel-ready local priorities, supporting local jobs and local business.

The Government is focused on delivering priorities for local areas as part of Australia’s road to recovery. Our investments will draw on local businesses to stimulate local economies through an additional $1 billion for local governments for the Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program. This builds on the initial $500 million announced in May 2020.

This investment, together with the new Road Safety Program will support around 10,000 jobs over the life of the projects.

Building water infrastructure for the 21st century

The Government is building on its existing investment in water infrastructure projects with an additional $2 billion in funding for projects through the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund. This more than doubles the fund to a total of $3.5 billion. The additional funding will deliver increased water security, build resilience in our regions, deliver jobs and grow our critical agriculture sector.

The fund will become a 10 year rolling program of priority water infrastructure investments, demonstrating our commitment to supporting and investing in Australia’s regional economies over the long term. This will help increase water security in areas where extensive irrigated agriculture already exists, while also helping unlock new agricultural regions, especially in Australia’s north.

This long-term focus will help identify and build the dams, weirs, pipelines, water recycling plants and other projects that will deliver the National Water Grid – a series of region-specific systems that will help secure reliable supplies of water for rural and regional Australia now and into the future.

The Government will continue to work closely with state and territory government partners, informed by a strong scientific evidence base, to identify, plan and invest in water infrastructure projects across the country that will deliver the next generation of water infrastructure through the National Water Grid.

Driving recovery in our cities

The Government’s ongoing commitment to the delivery of City Deals in Townsville, Darwin, Western Sydney, Hobart, Launceston, Geelong and Adelaide will help drive recovery in our cities and make them better places to live.

The Government will provide $327.5 million to support projects under the new Perth City Deal that will focus on reactivating and revitalising the Perth CBD so that more people can live, work, learn and play in the city centre. The new deal will guarantee a collaborative approach and a shared vision with Federal, State and Local Governments working together. The Perth City Deal is expected to deliver almost 10,000 jobs over the next 10 years.

Backing our regions through continued investment

The 2020–21 Budget continues to build a strong regional Australia and includes a number of measures that respond to the unique way regions have been affected by the events of 2020. This Budget ensures regions which are seeing strong population growth have the services and jobs they need, that regions in transition are supported to adapt to new circumstances and build resilience and investments for all communities to make sure they continue to be great places to work and live.

Funding will flow directly to support stronger, more resilient regions through the following initiatives:

Highlights by state and territory


New South Wales



Western Australia

South Australia


Northern Territory

Australian Capital Territory

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