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18 August 2020

THOUGHT leader and founder Elinor Moshe stood at the periphery of her own career in construction, feeling lost, invisible and confused about how to construct her career.

Once she embraced the power of standing out, she realised the possibilities were endless and redirected her energy to guiding, inspiring and directing industry professionals and future leaders fast-track their careers in construction and property.

Her new book, Constructing Your Career: 12 Foundational Stages on the Greatest Project You'll Ever Work On, complements her Constructing You podcast and aims to show readers how to construct their own exceptional career in construction.

 'Constructing Your Career is a one-of-a-kind book for the construction industry, piecing together unconventional career intelligence to construct exemplary careers, starting from the inside out,' Ms Moshe says.

‘What if I were to tell you the conventional career intelligence publicly available surrounding careers in construction has mostly held you back? This book will fast-track your development by guiding, inspiring, and directing you to achieve more recognition, higher compensation and faster career progression. Are you ready to start construction on the greatest project you'll ever work on?'

Constructing Your Career is available from online retailers including Booktopia, Amazon and KMD Books.

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