Ensuring occupational mobility for engineers will be essential to economic recovery

26 June 2020

Consult Australia welcomes the announcement by the Hon. Ben Morton MP, Assistant Minister to the Prime Minister and Cabinet, that improving occupational mobility will be one of the next priority areas for the Deregulation Taskforce.

Consult Australia represents businesses in design, advisory, and engineering, an industry comprising some 48,000 firms across Australia that employ around 240,000 people. Consult Australia is the only association representing the business community in our sector.

As stated in the Assistant Minister’s release, occupational licensing and registration requirements often vary between states and territories which imposes costs on businesses and workers who work across Australia. Whilst the registration of engineers has been legislated in Qld for many years, legislation has just recently been passed in Vic and NSW. The ACT and WA are also now considering similar schemes. As these systems are being introduced it is critical that they do not create barriers to movement but work seamlessly as one system for Australian engineering professionals.

Nicola Grayson, Chief Executive of Consult Australia, said, “Our members continue to call on state and territory governments to cooperate on this issue to minimise the burden on our sector. With the lead of the Federal Government’s Deregulation Taskforce we hope industry and governments can finally collaborate to deliver the best outcome.

“Arguably engineers work across jurisdictions more than any other profession, without mutual registration, our industry’s productivity will be adversely impacted. Consult Australia’s membership is dominated by small and medium enterprises; these types of costs can have a significant impact especially as we strive for economic recovery from COVID-19.

 “Consult Australia has consistently called for mutual registration – one fee, one registration. This contrasts with state/territory mutual recognition which creates an administratively burdensome process. We also propose that a technological solution – a portal of registered engineers in Australia – will deliver significant benefits to the community and to all state and territory governments. This approach would improve confidence in the sector and provide transparency for the public benefit.

“We call on state and territory governments to commit to this initiative, including prioritisation of a single portal for registered engineers.”




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