Updated Guide to Traffic Management improves pedestrian safety, access and health

15 May 2020

Austroads’ Guide to Traffic Management (AGTM) has been updated based on learnings from multiple Austroads research projects to reflect current practice and emerging innovation.

The AGTM parts have been retitled and their overall structure improved, with additional focus on improving pedestrian safety, access and health.

“We have not substantially updated pedestrian design guidance since 1995, when traffic management mainly dealt with maximising use of private vehicles,” said Richard Delplace, Austroads Program Manager Network. “Lack of guidance has made it difficult for planners and engineers working in state and local government agencies to introduce safe and attractive pedestrian facilities. The result is that walking rates are static or declining, and pedestrian fatalities and injuries haven’t declined much in the last 10 years. In contrast, the safety of vehicle occupants has significantly improved.

Updating and harmonising Australian and New Zealand guidance on pedestrian planning and design means more attractive and safe walking environments, and ultimately increased walking trips to school, work, shops and entertainment.

It will not only save lives and reduce serious injuries – it will also improve the liveability of our cities and neighbourhoods”.

This update of the AGTM also encompasses learnings and recommendations from six other projects in line with Austroads’ objectives to provide and consolidate best practice guidance through the AGTM:

Road Transport Management Framework and Principles Prioritising On-road Public Transport Current Practices and Developments in Concept of Operations Across Road Agencies in Australia and New Zealand Techniques for Incident Management to Support Network Operation Planning Congestion and Reliability Review Passing Lanes – Safety and Performance


Guide to Traffic Management: Set, https://austroads.com.au/publications/traffic-management/agtm-set




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