Peak construction body develops stimulus measures to boost the sector

31 March 2020

The peak voice for Australia’s civil infrastructure sector today welcomed ongoing stimulus measures announced by the Federal Government and urged it to adopt a series of additional measures aimed at ensuring the ongoing viability and strengthening of the sector both during and beyond COVID-19.

Chief Executive Officer of Civil Contractors Federation National, Chris Melham, said that an emergency meeting of civil construction representatives from every State and Territory jurisdiction was held today – and the message was very clear – “civil construction companies continue to operate and manage project sites across the country, but we need the Federal Government to work with us to stimulate and secure the economic viability of the sector”, Melham said.

The CCF has identified a number of additional measures on top of those already announced by the Federal Government to stimulate the civil infrastructure sector which will result in a stronger industry and economy both during and beyond COVID-19 as follows:

Mr Melham said the adoption of these measures will play an important role in securing the current and future viability of civil construction companies across Australia, protect the livelihoods of over 1.1 million employees in the sector and provide additional employment opportunities for new entrants into the industry who may be displaced in other sectors.

The CCF looks forward to continuing its cooperation with Government at all levels and stands ready to work with the Government to implement these additional measures as a matter of urgency.




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