A tale of our cities: turning a lens to the future

11 September 2018

WSP: This week, the inaugural 2018 WSP Global Cities Index was launched.

It provides insights about how cities are preparing for a future shaped by the major transitions of our day: urbanisation, density and growth, digital disruption, emerging mobility, evolving utilities models and a changing climate.

While most attention is focused on the comparison of cities today – how liveable, competitive or resilient they are – we have turned our lens to the future and explored how cities are identifying and responding to the challenges they will face in the coming two decades, and beyond.

Aptly named ‘A Tale of our Cities’, this research, which has been completed by more than 100 technical experts that live and work in the 24 cities that were assessed, goes beyond rankings. It reveals best-practice examples of placemaking, mobility, technology and urban systems, from cities that are primed for the future.


Our research is intended to help government decision and policy-makers, captains of industry, financiers, academia and other professionals be future-focused by leveraging the best-practice policies and initiatives that are being deployed around the world.

To view the Index visit A Tale of Our Cities – 2018 WSP Global Cities Index, https://www.wsp-futurecities.com/




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