World First for Barangaroo South

23 March 2018

Lendlease: International Towers Sydney, the three buildings that make up Barangaroo’s commercial heart, has earned recognition for being at the forefront of the world’s healthiest workplaces.

International Towers Sydney towers are the first in the world to ever be awarded WELL Certification for Core & Shell at the Platinum level, the highest certification available from International WELL Building Institute under its WELL Building Standard (WELL), a performance-based system for measuring, certifying and monitoring features of buildings that impact the health of occupants.

In addition, Lendlease’s global headquarters, Tower Three International Towers, has also achieved a Platinum rating for its office fitout. This is the first WELL New & Existing Interiors Project Type to be awarded WELL Certification at the Platinum level in Australia, and the largest globally.

WELL is built on research into the intersection of human health and wellness in the built environment, focusing on the design and operations of buildings, and how they impact and influence human health and wellness. These features include air, water, light, comfort, nourishment, fitness and mind. WELL incorporates the effect of office building design and construction, as well as interior design, materials and fixtures, along with biophilic elements and location and access to amenities, such as public transport.

Nearly 10 million square metres have been registered and or certified internationally since WELL launched in 2014. Today, Australia boasts the third highest number of projects registered and certified, including in square metres, internationally behind the US and China.

Quotes attributable to Lendlease Chief Executive, Property, Kylie Rampa.

“Barangaroo leads the world in providing the precinct’s workers with the world’s healthiest workplaces, and helps confirm Sydney as one of the world’s truly great cities.

“Barangaroo is already counted among the world’s most environmentally sustainable precincts in Australia, now we know that it has a similarly positive effect on the thousands of people who work here every day.

“We are seeing more and more investment in sustainable, world class funds and assets and this includes a focus on healthier workplaces. We are positioning our funds to maximise that shift. We're part of a sophisticated market outperforming the rest of the world in the delivery and recognition of environmental and social outcomes.”

"Better performing buildings, in environmental and social terms, deliver a number ofdirect economic benefits to investors and tenants, including more productive
workplaces and precincts that generate greater value for all.

“Many different people and stakeholders, especially our tenants and investors, can take a slice of the credit for this achievement, which wouldn’t have happened without a willingness to work in partnership with Lendlease.

“As a company, we’re strongly committed to developing next generation workplaces for our people, tenants and investors, where healthy outcomes create long-term value.

“If business can cut the amount of time lost to absenteeism and presenteeism, by providing work environments that enhance employees’ health, it has broad economic benefits, including enhanced productivity.

“Generating improvements to a city’s physical environment, its economic base, and the social and economic conditions of its residents is a critical goal for Lendlease and WELL helps us ensure we deliver on our promise.

Quotes attributable to Rick Fedrizzi, chairman and CEO of the IWBI.

“This is the latest, but arguably the most important example of the leadership Lendlease has displayed in its commitment across their markets internationally not just to transform real estate markets but also to bring people to the forefront of design, construction and operations decisions. Lendlease is setting the bar very high for the international real estate community by demonstrating why investing in your people as well as your tenants creates both financial and social returns.”



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