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01 March 2018

GHD: Global professional services company GHD is expanding and diversifying its services, with the launch of GHD Digital to complement its traditional skills in engineering, architecture and environmental consulting.

As the pace of disruption increases, GHD Digital is focused on delivering services to clients in digital strategy and transformation, smart technology services, cybersecurity and risk, digital innovation and data and analytics. The company already has more than 400 people delivering services in geospatial, data management, web solutions, virtual reality and other technologies.

The company recently designed, deployed and now maintains an award-winning Virtual Critical Incident Command Training System for the Queensland Police Service Academy and the Queensland Combined Emergency Services Academy. It is also working with a major airport to deploy smart technology solutions to improve security and emergency response capabilities, while achieving significant reductions in risks and costs.

Ashley Wright, GHD’s CEO, says, “We operate in an environment where the power of technology is advancing at an astonishing rate, business models are constantly being recreated and the pace of digital disruption is accelerating. All our clients and the industries that they belong to, are going through significant changes as a result of technology advancements.

“Our vision is to be the leader in both delivering digital services to clients and in making the most of digital technologies to improve our own operations.”

Led by the Global Digital Leader Kumar Parakala, the company recently announced senior appointments to help clients with a range of digital transformation services:

“Business leaders are trying to accelerate their digital transformations and minimise unfavourable impact on people. Our clients are finding this pace of change to be far greater than anticipated, particularly for traditional businesses. Their success or failure depends on their ability to quickly adapt and change, not once, but continuously to stay ahead to remain competitive. We are helping our clients prepare for their digital futures by enabling them to think through transformational opportunities and new business models, while managing risks, by leveraging digital technologies and innovation,” adds Kumar Parakala.




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