Planning For Melbourne’s Rapid Population Growth

Source: Victorian Government - 

31 March 2016

Victorian Government: The Andrews Labor Government is planning for Melbourne’s rapid population growth, as the latest ABS figures again show Melbourne is the nation’s fastest growing capital city.

An average of 1760 people are added to our population each week, totalling 91,600 in the 2014-15, compared to 1600 per week and 83,300 last financial year in Sydney.

The Labor Government is accommodating population growth through good planning policy which targets long-term liveability, while investing heavily in education, health and infrastructure.

Planning work targeting smart growth is underway around the CBD, urban infill sites and out on the fringe:

The Labor Government recognises that Melbourne is already growing faster than any other city and needs proper plans in place.

Encouraging new development and planning for growth will improve Melbourne’s housing affordability and make housing available to all Victorians – nurses, teachers, cleaners and hospitality workers – the people Liberal governments always forget.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Planning Richard Wynne

“The Andrews Labor Government has a plan for smart growth – that’s in stark contrast to the previous government’s strategy of shunting new residents into boxy CBD apartments while protecting the blue-ribbon leafy-east.”

“We need to make sure housing is available to everyone, delivering housing options throughout the city with the access to education, health services and transport people deserve.” 

“We are the world’s most liveable city, the country’s sporting capital, and Victoria is the Education State – people are naturally drawn to Melbourne and we need to plan accordingly.”





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