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13 January 2016

Arup: Two key appointments have been made in Arup University in Australasia.

Kim Sherwin takes on the overall leadership role for Arup University while Stewart Bird will lead Research as part of the Arup University team within Australasia.

Kim Sherwin was previously the Senior Librarian & Knowledge Specialist working as part of the Arup University team. Kim moved to Australia from the UK in 2008 and has found her passion through her work at Arup. The extremely well received Future Libraries was a recent Foresight report Kim co-authored. The Australasian Arup University Leader will drive innovation and collaboration both internally and externally to support Arup clients and staff, and connects with the global Arup University leadership team.

Arup University offers a corporate Research & Development function, is underpinned by learning and knowledge sharing and includes Arupís Skills Networks, Foresight and Library team, making a highly valuable contribution to the business and its future direction. Arup University is a place where we question the norm, test boundaries and discover what is possible.

"I'm delighted to be taking on the role of Arup University Leader for the Australasia region and to have the opportunity to lead such a diverse and talented team. 2016 is set to be a great year for the team and our external partners as we look to work on new and exciting challenges." - Kim Sherwin, Australasia University Leader

Stewart Bird was previously the Project Manager for Arup University and as Research Leader has a particular interest in Arup's innovation process. Based in the Melbourne office, Stewart managed the Marq/Arup Inspect project from early development to commercialisation, and has recently completed a Masters of Project Management at RMIT.

In terms of traditional research, we have a particular focus on the next five years. We pick an opportunity or issue thatís affecting us or our clients and work on a solution, doing the research within the firm or striking up partnerships with other outside companies or universities.

Both Kim and Stewart bring unique skills and interests to these roles and have both been members of the Arup University team since it was regionalised in 2014. They are both excited by the challenge that lies ahead and the opportunities for Arup University, both internally and externally.

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